Dean & Lindsay, Iceland; Photo by   Asmund Holien Mo

Dean & Lindsay, Iceland; Photo by  Asmund Holien Mo


Lindsay grew up playing imaginary business as she punched numbers into an adding machine in a fortress of milk crates. As a descendent of generations of small business owners, Lindsay always imagined she would keep that tradition alive. However, she caught the science bug early in life and decided to spend her formative years in classrooms and laboratories. Lindsay is now a recovering molecular biologist who, despite turning in her badge and pipette gun, has a passion for science & education. Lindsay first experienced the joy of making in 2008 when she launched a small batch of punk rock holiday stockings at local craft fairs and Etsy. Now xylous provides the perfect opportunity to dream, design & flex those small business genes.

Things that make Lindsay happy: science, overalls, llamas, dark chocolate, skulls, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Better Off Dead and the Beastie Boys.

Dean Diamond

As the son of professional musician, surrounded by instruments and music from a young age, Dean began playing drums at 9 years-old. Dean's interest in woodworking came from a desire to build his own drum set. Dean's first company, Diamond Drum Co, focused on custom stave snare drums. The very first drum Dean built is still getting love from distinguished jazz drummer, Paul Romaine, and his custom drums continue to perform with artists based out of New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan & Colorado. A highlight of the drum-building days was getting to see Michael Calabrese of Lake Street Dive playing a Diamond Drum co original on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Dean's passion for woodworking grew from building drums and he continues to pursue knowledge and technique while exploring new crafts.

Things that make Dean happy: Icelandic hot dogs, good Bourbon, white oak shavings on a Sunday morning, 50s & 60s jazz, wild socks and old Volvo wagons.


xylous: humble woodcraft

The name xylous comes from xylo (wood) + ous (of, or pertaining to). We have a great appreciation for humility. There is always more to learn, and we would not be able to produce our crafts without the knowledge that others have imparted through conversations, blogs, videos and books.  


To learn one must be humble.
But life is the great teacher.
— James Joyce